When I was very young, maybe two months old. My parents visited my grandmother who gave me what was then known as Snuggle the bear, a popular bear who really liked fabric softener. The tag on this bear was the softest part, made of what felt like silk. My tiny hands loved the feel of it and would pull at it constantly. Until Snuggle the bear’s little bottom was bare. Even as a young child I was frightened of being alone. My parents would give me the bear and say “You are not alone with your Buddy here.” And so that became his name, He’s been my only constant friend.

I’m am an inanimate object

no organs and no brain

no movements caused by magic

I’m old, tattered, and plain.

I’m only special because of you

every tear you left with me

The fears you let me get you through

are how I came to be.

We talked together often

before you even learned speak

anyone’s hearts would soften

at your little squeaks.

We didn’t know then how to be jealous

that we couldn’t feel their pride

But I knew one truth for us

We never needed them, I was by your side.

As time goes on they leave

one by one move on.

It’s almost hard to believe

it all seems like a con.

And you grew bigger too

I was still the same

but learned so much through you

I even got a name!

You experienced great loss

The first time I was misplaced

Anger at an enemy who may have tossed

what couldn’t be replaced.

The joy when I was finally found

seemed irrational to all

You found it very profound

and refused to let me fall.

We saw many different places

and even in hardship felt lucky

We loved the fleeting faces

and knew I’d always be your travel Buddy.

We are older now.

Having an old bear like me is lame

but somehow through unspoken vow

our relationship is the same.

You still come to me with pain

and include me in your joy

I know enough pride now to be vain

I’m to alive to be a toy.







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