This is a “Day in the Life” prompt. Instead of walking you through a day in the life of one of my already fleshed out characters, and inviting you to a world or story that may never end and leave you as wistful as I am about their tales… or picking some object or creature to bring new light to, or to personify. I decided to create one for the purposes having somewhere to turn when these prompts threaten to box me into a writers block. I am pleased to introduce you to someone brand new, and completely imagined. Miss Maggie May.



“Hello, pleased to meet you. I’m Maggie Mayfield” she practiced her smile in the mirror. “UGH! I hate my stupid country name!” She yelled tossing a hairbrush at the bathroom counter. “This is never gonna fucking work. I’m not professional enough to keep a straight face that long.”

“With that defeatist attitude you will never get a better job and I will be forced to kick you out.” A male voice from the attached bedroom called.

“Puh-lease! Like you would ever.” She muttered.

“Oh I wouldn’t?” Swiss was now standing in the doorway of the bathroom lazily combing away the bed head from his shoulder length blond hair.

She picked up the hair brush and launched it at him. “HEY! A little privacy here!”

He pocketed his comb and began using her brush in one smooth movement. “Nothing I haven’t seen before. Come on Mags, this is something you have wanted to do forever… and it’s not, not important.”

“It’s not going to work either.” Maggie added some gloss to her already painted black lips. and smeared the dark purples of her eyeliner into a thin catlike line from the corners of each eye with her fingers. Maggie May, is a journalist and proud goth girl who thinks image standards have no place in local news. “They think I’m a freak. There is no way they will put me on television without using me as a gimmick and making me do useless opinion pieces. Or severe weather coverage just to watch my masquerade run.”

“The world is changing Mags, think about it. 20 years ago you would have never seen characters like Abby on shows like CSI unless they were the victim.” He said pulling a shirt on.

Maggie pulled a long slimming black gown over her head and let it’s ends fall to the floor. Swiss approached her and pulled on the strings of the gown’s corseted back tying her in as she adjusted to the fit. “It’s NCIS, and she is a fictional character in a drama. Not trying to be a reliable reporter of the news. They want someone homely, and blonde and…”

“Totally fucking boring, with huge tits?” Swiss joked as he pulled on the final string of the corset and tied a little bow. “What could be more homely than a name like Maggie May?” He smirked and reached under her arms to grab her chest. “…and there isn’t a woman on the planet that carries better assets then these. Enough to make me consider going straight.”

“GET OFF OF ME” She slapped his hands away. “Ugh, like blushing like an idiot through my pale make up is going to help me, besides bi isn’t gay.”

“I’ll get your boots.” He sighed defeated.

“Oh don’t let me rub off on you…” She called. She finished by putting her black and purple hair into a professional looking bun, and then destroying it by pulling individual purple strands from every angle of her head and curling them. “This is Maggie Mayfield in for Christy Cross, and this is the news at eight.” She said as straight faced as she possibly could as she curled.

Swiss returned with some tasteful black heels, and a pair of buckled and strapped thigh high boots. “Which?”

“You have to ask?” She said smiling at him as he placed her shit-kickers by the toilet for her to zip into.

“Even if they use you, as a gimmick you have to be ready for that love. This is a means to an end. You will do fine, and show them that you are a competent and compelling journalist who writes every word that dumb bitch Chrissy…

“Christy.” She corrected.

“Whatever, you give her every word she vomits on camera, and most of what that pompous ass Peter Chile says too.” He posted up in the door frame again watching her zip the long boots up.

“If I’m the one behind the desk who is going to get the stories?” She asked with a sigh.

“Someone else, probably trained by you. An assistant or something. Besides… She’s not gonna be on maternity leave forever. If they keep you because she comes back a beached whale, no one is gonna blame SCTVN.” He said trying to reassure her.

“That’s not at all ironic to you? I’m fighting for image equality in television versus a pregnant woman.” She hung her head almost ashamed for a second then looked up through her bangs with an evil grin. “She’s been riding on my shadow for far to long. The bitch is going down.”

Swiss hugged her and kissed her forehead, she returned the kiss and backed away giggling.

“Oh you bitch.” he said quickly turning to the mirror and groping at a towel.

“Good luck getting it off, black don’t crack Swissy.” She called from the bedroom door, grabbing her briefcase.

“After I KILL you, I’m selling all your SHIT on Ebay.” He screamed.

“You’ll never find a buyer!” With that she left their apartment and took the stairs to the garage to make sure her make-up wouldn’t sweat on camera. Moments later she walked to the borrowed SCTVN news van and checked her face in the mirror. Satisfied she started the van up and pulled out of the space. Swiss opened up the side door on the van and carefully swung his camera bag in.

“I’m gonna have black heads for weeks that aren’t black heads.” He whined shutting the sliding door and jumping in the passenger seat. “I hate you.”

“Lucky you’re behind the camera.” Maggie laughed. Seeing the raw red mark on his head with little black sparkles all over it. “It’s not that bad anyway.” She said through her laughter.

“What the hell is Rysan going to think?” He grumbled.

“That you pissed me off again, and I’m trying to ruin your relationship?” She asked honestly.

“Yeah probably exactly that. You really want me to kick you out don’t you?” He pulled down his visor mirror and dabbed at his face with paper-towel.

“I’m not nervous anymore, and I love you for it Swissy.” She said seriously.

“I hate you. I hope you bomb.” He lied.

“If I bomb, I’m bombing the building next week.” She joked.

“SHHHHH, geez woman do you know how many recording and listening devices are in this van?” Swiss said slamming the visor up.

“That’s your department. I was just kidding shady listeners spying on us with our own equipment!” She laughed and pulled into the parking space at the news station. She pulled out the keys and looked at the huge white sign in front of them. It reads ‘Quiet please interviews in progress.’ She hesitated and just stared at this for a moment.

“You want me to burst in the room and say ‘fuck her right in the pussy?’ so you can keep your cool under pressure and beat out the rest?” He put his right hand over his heart. “I swear I’ll do it!”

“You’d loose you’re job too.” Maggie muttered.

“It’s a win-win. Wouldn’t have to work with you’re crazy ass anymore, or look at that barbie bitch on my T.V. ever again.”

“A lot of people love that barbie bitch.” Maggie said losing courage by the second.

“Get out of my van, and knock their socks off or I will interrupt you for real.” Swiss climbed over and pushed her door open. “You look stunning, and tame for a goth chick. You are giving them everything they want. Don’t let them take anything else from you.”

“Yes Ma’am” She said hopping from the van and holding the end of her dress from hitting the concrete.

“It’s Sir today.”

“I can’t help the goth world join the rest of the world and keep up with your genitals today.” She laughed and slammed the van door.

“OI!” Swiss shouted and flipped her both birds, and then shaped them into a heart as she entered the building. “Good luck kid.” He said and switched the van’s CB radio to his head phones listening for any news that might happen.

Maggie sat on one of seven hard metal chairs in the hall way leading to the recording studio. Three other women sat closest to the door while she sat at the other end. She listened as they immediately started whispering to each other.

“Who comes to an interview like that?” Said a tiny brunette dressed in a smart pink business suit.

“She’s probably on drugs” Said a tall blonde with a laugh.

“Is it Halloween?” A freckled blonde asked Maggie directly.

“Every day poppet.” Maggie said with a wide witchy grin.

“Ugh…” Said the woman and turned back to the group “What a freak”

Maggie slid down a few chairs as the talked among themselves quietly until she was right beside freckles.

“I’m not a freak. I am the woman who is going to have this job next week. Be sure to tune in.” Maggie said with a much sweeter smile.

Freckles seemed to have an out of body experience nearly jumping onto the tall blonde. In her fright. “GET AWAY FROM ME FREAK!” She yelped loudly.

Just then, as her friends consoled her the producer exited with another brunette woman in tears. “We will make our decision over the next two days. Expect a call on Saturday.” He said ushering her from the building.  He turned to the little waiting area set up in the hall and found Maggie sitting with her hands folded in her lap, and looking straight forward. In truth she was making up different situations they might throw at her. The other three were either terror stricken, or supplying succor to the one who felt as though she nearly died. “Miss Maggie Mayfield, we will see you now.”

Maggie looked up, and successfully hid her surprise. Her appointment was an hour and a half from now. She stood up gracefully and said “Sir, I believe these women were before me.” She extended an arm to the others as they pulled themselves together. Fixing mussed hair and lip-lines.

“Well, you are the only one who appears ready. Lets go.” He said as he walked from the front door to the studio door and opens it for her. “Ladies and Gentleman, Miss Maggie Mayfield.”

She held her head up and didn’t even glance at the others as she entered the room. She took the right hand seat beside Peter Chile, the well known local news sweetheart. “Good Morning.”

“It hardly looks like morning for you Missus Mayfield.” Said a network executive. “It looks like a very dark night.”

The heat of the studio lights on her bore in. She could barely see the five seats of the judges from the network in front of her. “Striking appearances hold attention ma’am. I believe that I will be able to help hold the attention of our viewers.” Maggie said calmly. Facing the camera.

“Heh… I like it” Said a male voice. “In the following tests, we will assess your ability to report under extreme stress. You will read from the prompter as if you are live. Like you’re work with us as a corespondent you will also have to be ready for anything happening within the studio. I expect that you will uphold the integrity of this station, and the truthful and honest reporting of the news throughout these test. Should you fail you will still be considered among the candidates here today. The basis will be on your performance under pressure, and adherence to the truth.”

“Also…” Came a different female voice. “This session may be recorded for review and training purposes.”

“Of course.” Maggie said with a smirk.

“Is this a game to you?” Another male voice said.

“Not at all.” Maggie said “May I elaborate before we begin?”

“Go ahead.” A familiar voice. The president of the network said.

“Dear sirs, and madams. Public interest has fallen from the daily news, to Netflix, and Video games. The new generation wants nothing to do with the troubles of the world, or even nation. They want to know if something bad is happening around them and nothing else because the people bringing them the news are, not relate-able. They are human puppets dancing on a screen portraying a story that isn’t important because it isn’t about them as long as the person telling it is a Barbie, or Ken doll. ” She motioned to Peter.

The judges laughed a bit together.

“I am no one special. I am however, someone who holds attention. I am someone who cares about what happens around me. I am one who cares about this community. I care about reporting real news.” Maggie sighed, and felt as though she had gone to far. “Just take me seriously, and I will bring the news to the masses. The most important part, is they will listen.”

“We’re done”

Maggie waited.

“I think so too.”

“You have to be kidding me.” Peter said laughing. “This isn’t a fucking carnival. I will not work next to a sad clown!”

“Then you won’t work. At least not here. Miss. Mayfield, we expect you here 5PM Monday Evening. You will be doing the 8PM and 11 o’clock news. With or without Peter here.”

“This is bullshit. You didn’t even test her.” Peter complained.

“Yes sir. Thank you for you’re time.” She said raising and bowing slightly to the lights before making her way out of them. Completely ignoring Peter. As she exited the room she saw the women who waited before her and winked. “Sweet dreams loves.” Maggie said on impulse.

“Well that was short, I bet they took one look at her and rejected her straight away.” One of the trio said loudly. Maggie didn’t care.

When she left the view of the doors leading to the hallway she ran to the news van and pounded on the window bouncing up and down, waking Swiss up from his stupor.

The electric window slowly rolled down. “Am I kicking you out?” Swiss asked half asleep.

“Not yet love!” She cheered and kissed his forehead again. “Not. Fucking. Yet!”






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